Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Character Customisation Personal Project.

UPDATE 2: Video showing current blendshapes (17/04/13).
I'm liking how this is going so far.  Next step: Facial features and Colour!

I've had a thought and decided I want to create a model that has the ability to morph into multiple versions so it'll be much faster to create a body type of almost any kind.

Here you can see I've started with a regular and a larger version of the woman from the last post.
With the larger version as a blendshape, I can now achieve many different sizes of her body.

I aim to make quite a few more blendshapes to add.  So eventually there'll be shapes for skeletal, old/young, tall/short etc.  After that I might even then go back to each body type and give them sliders for extra details to give the ability to create alternative versions of the same body type.

Early days still for this personal project obviously, however, hopefully the finished product should be something fun to play about with for quick character creation.

Update: Muscular & Skeletal Types Added.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Personal Work - Shell Armoured Warrior and some life drawing.

I've decided it's about time I gave ZBrush a proper whack.  As a result, I'm really enjoying it.  It's a much more versatile tool than Mudbox I think, if not a bit harder to learn.
I took in a base female mesh I made in Maya (4700 tris) and sculpted some detail into her.
Then I extracted parts of her and moulded them into armour, etc.
This has left the topology on the armour a complete mess.  However, the shapes are there now so I'm currently in the process of re-topologising (sp?) it all back in Maya.
Then it can be brought back to ZBrush to put the detail back in.
I'm going to give her a weapon too - a trident or 'sword-fish'? =)
Then it's on to painting! Which I'm actually looking forward to with ZBrush's poly-painting tool.
Thoughts? =)

And as promised in the title - some life drawing =)