Friday, 10 August 2012

3D Work Update 10/08/12

Sorry folks, I'm aware I've not posted in a while.  Since finishing Uni I've been job hunting while chipping away at the overdraft back up north.  However, now that I'm back in Dundee I've been doing a few things and thought they'd be worth posting here.

Also, I've swapped around the domain addresses for this blog and my degree show film blog for Glitch.  This was hopefully to direct whatever traffic I have here now that the film has been finished.
You can still view Glitch at

I hadn't done much structural modelling yet so gave a Pagoda a try.  It was relatively simple and fun to make and only took 3-4 hours.  I'll repost it if I get around to colouring/texturing it.

Until recently, I had only modelled female characters and a huge, hulking lizardman so I thought it'd be handy to have a standard male model.

With this is only took an extra 15-30 mins to make him fat.
I'm planning to sculpt him into other forms too at some point.

I've also been doing some concept/modelling for a tower defence game called Cogalot by CrissCross Games.  I'm not sure how much (if any) about it I'm allowed to talk about it so I'll just leave these shots here for now.  The colours aren't final, they're all lacking textures too.  This was just to give the guys at CrissCross something to look at whilst not being all grey and dull.

And some dragons for the hell of it =)

Any comments welcome. =)


  1. There's nothing on this page I don't like Spence! Looks like you've been pretty busy since we all left! This mean you're back in Dundee permanently? x

  2. Thanks a lot Lynne! :) Trying to keep myself busy whilst job hunting, yeah. Hopefully got something at CrissCross but it all depends on whether the company gets funding so still keeping my feelers out there. I've just signed a new lease at a great little flat. So yeah, here still. :) How's yourself? Congrats on the job at Ink! They agreed with your method of inbetweening then? ;) Really happy for you! You started yet? X