Sunday, 2 June 2013

Character Design 3D Update

I'll admit I've been indulging in the rare chance to enjoy the sun a bit this week, so I'm not quite as far ahead on this model as I'd like to be.  Still, the main body mesh is looking nice now so I thought I'd share this update.

I'm now working on the crystal parts of his body.  Once they're done, it's a quick trip to ZBrush to fine tune the models.  
After that I'll be making his sidekick and then all the items that both include. (see below post).

Done for today I think so here's the latest screen shot of how he's looking.
Back crystal and beard-crystal done.

I've tweaked some of the topology of the body mesh and finished the head and shoulder crystals.
Just the elbows and knees to go now.

Crystals Done.
On to clothes/etc and the sidekick!

The crystal shapes aren't perfect yet but he's getting there. =)
I've left out all the stitching as I plan to add it in Zbrush once everything is modelled.

The Outcast now has clothes.  
Once he's been UV-mapped I can then take him into ZBrush and properly bring the details/colours to life.

I just realised I forgot the flask, so here he is with it. =)

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