Monday, 7 April 2014

Map, Bull and Ant

I've decided to start a project that will force me to concept and create things I haven't touched on much in the past.
As a result, I thought of making my own island and populating it with creatures, plants, characters etc.
This will also lead me to create landscapes and environments.
To begin, here's a map I drew of said island.
It's not 100% accurate; more to get a general sense of landmarks which I can build upon later.

I've also been working on a couple of sculpts that are still WIP.
So here they are!  A bull and an ant. =)

UPDATE: Beast of Burden.
Despite looking pretty unbreakable, the bull design wasn't doing it for me so I've changed it to a sort of goat creature.  I want this to end up as something that would be used as extra man-power on a farm and/or used for sport by pitting them against each other.


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