Thursday, 13 September 2012

More Cogalot Concept (Updated 10/04/2013)

I've decided to update this post with work I've been doing at Criss Cross Games.
Working with them has been a fantastic opportunity for me.  Going straight into the industry as a Lead Artist was daunting at first and even more so when I realised I was the only artist, which meant I had to learn/practice a few specialisms that I had either little experience in or had just never done before.
Below is a fraction of the collection of work they had me do.  Some areas still need work I know, however, I'll always be a 3D Artist at heart.

Firstly, below are some early concept images for what the tower floors in 'Cogalot' could look like, which lead to the final style that was decided on in full colour.

Below here we have some more very early concept done for 'Cogalot'.

Here we have some UI work, weapon projectile concept etc.

Unfortunately I don't have access to all that I've done so far at my time at Criss Cross.
However, I'll update this post if/when I do.

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