Monday, 8 April 2013

Personal Work - Shell Armoured Warrior and some life drawing.

I've decided it's about time I gave ZBrush a proper whack.  As a result, I'm really enjoying it.  It's a much more versatile tool than Mudbox I think, if not a bit harder to learn.
I took in a base female mesh I made in Maya (4700 tris) and sculpted some detail into her.
Then I extracted parts of her and moulded them into armour, etc.
This has left the topology on the armour a complete mess.  However, the shapes are there now so I'm currently in the process of re-topologising (sp?) it all back in Maya.
Then it can be brought back to ZBrush to put the detail back in.
I'm going to give her a weapon too - a trident or 'sword-fish'? =)
Then it's on to painting! Which I'm actually looking forward to with ZBrush's poly-painting tool.
Thoughts? =)

And as promised in the title - some life drawing =)


  1. Looks pretty sweet! Reminds me of the falmer armour from Skyrim if you've ever played it.

    1. Thanks dude! It does a bit actually, cheers! =) When it's painted it'll hopefully look a little more 'sea-shell-ish' rather creepy, giant underground centipede chitin ;)